The Staff

The toddler class is an English speaking staff. The staff is made up of highly qualified workers and professional nannies.
The whole staff is trained and was qualified on a first aid course. In addition, twice a year , we hold workers training and workshops in order to maintain high staff service.

Amanda Lee

Ronza Halon

Yosefa Cohen

The Island

Daily schedule

Each class has its own daily routine. The agenda is structural and permanent and enables the staff to teach and take across the daily , weekly and monthly program.
  • During the day, the children experience individual work, group work, free playing time, Indoor and outdoor activities as well as rich and varied content that is passed on by the staff on a daily basis.
  • We encourage and maintain outdoor activities and environmental love educational sessions. We support creating and developing a rich world while ensuring flexibility and adapting a plan and activities accordingly with opportunities that occur in our way.
  • We planned and built the agenda in a way that would answer, open and cultivate all relevant skills in the cognitive, motor and language development.
  • You may read the attached document regarding the daily schedule.