Our staff

  • Each age group’s staff is a separate team , specializing in the development of the relevant ages, including all the unique characteristics.
  • The team is backed by a supplementary supportive team including management, kitchen staff, cleaning staff and external advice so that 100% of the teachers attention is directed to the babies treatment. All our teams have valid medical certification.
  • A class member of staff will personally accompany your baby in the morning whilst receiving a comprehensive and individual report on the baby’s condition from the night before (sleep/nutrition/medical condition, etc.) We will then strive for the babies routine throughout the day accordingly. At the end of the day, a detailed daily report is given to the parents.

 Each member of our children’s staff has been carefully chosen with an emphasis on the following personal features: devotion, patience, empathy, diligence, warmth, responsibility, thoroughness and reliability.

Florence Russo

Janet Gill

Yosefa Cohen

The Island

The daily routine

The daily schedule in the nursery is quite flexible and Is mainly adapted to the specific group's needs. However, it always has a structure and a well organized order.
  • The daily routine varies between the age groups, this is due to the suitability of the specific age group and their needs.
  • We insist on maintaining a healthy and diverse nutrition routine. This is in addition to a good and monitored sleeping routine, a cleaning / diaper changing routine and maintaining a high quality sanitation. 
  • These activities include creative activities, music, songs, yoga, custom-made sensor motor  activities, external circles and more.

There is an attached document due to the agenda of the baby group 1 (up to 1 years old) and baby group 2 (up to 2 years old).