The Staff

The daycare team consist of a permanent staff and a changing staff. In addition, there is a variety of enrichment and outdoor activities.
The whole staff is certified and have experience and the relevant knowledge in the English language.

Shirley Biar

Ronza Halon

Einat Sharon

The Island

Daily schedule

Daycare consists of a detailed ,well planned yearly schedule which emphasizes the diversity, plural acceptance of the other and more.
The whole weekly content is a derivative of the weekly/monthly topic.
  • After children arrival to daycare by our ride, they relax and eat a nutritious lunch and split to their specific age group . The activities start. Each activity 30-45 minutes.
  • We try to diversify and tailor the content according to the specific children in the group and according to personal tracking that matches the content / learning content of each child’s English level.
  • Some of the activities are individual whereas some are in groups while some are common to all daycare participants.
  • Activities are held Sunday-Thursday between 13:00-18:00. All activities are carried out In English. There is an attached daily schedule document.