The Nursery

Our staff

The daily routine

The daily schedule in the nursery is quite flexible and Is mainly adapted to the specific group’s needs. However, it always has a structure and a well organized order.

Administration and registration

We allow registration and entry throughout the school year, the registration process is short and fast and includes the following steps:

Come and visit The Island and get your own impression in order to be able to make a decision.

Registration – Accepting all relevant forms and materials.

Paying Instant Registration Fees Via Check / wire transfer / cash payment.

Setting a date for your child to start at The Island and setting the Adaptation Week schedule.

Up to one week before entering the garden, the following documents are required:
A. Signed agreement including all appendices.
B. Photocopying relevant documents including ID / medical documents etc.
C. 12 checks for NIS for the first date of each school month.